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Many investors improperly judge risk. Generally, the longer the time horizon of your investments, the more risk you are able to take on. However, a typical mistake many investors make is to take on too little risk.

Are you prepared for your retirement? One of the biggest risks an investor faces is running out of money in retirement, which can be a personal tragedy. Carefully consider your time horizon. You may live a lot longer than you think.

Most seasoned investors understand the benefits of diversification. Few think it's wise to hold just a few stocks or invest heavily in just one sector. Intuitively it makes sense. Yet most American investors aren't nearly as diversified as they think.

Access articles from Forbes columnist and Fisher Investments Founder, Ken Fisher.

Fisher Investments believes mutual funds generally don't make sense for larger investors for a variety of reasons, including overall performance and costs associated with most funds.

The foundation of the Fisher Investments investment philosophy lies in the inherent belief in capitalism in free markets. Driving that belief are basic economic principles you may be familiar with, but may not have thought of in the following regard.

Beginning with four basic rules of portfolio management will give you an investment compass, and remembering these four rules can keep you from veering away from your objectives.

Each quarter Fisher Investments publishes a Stock Market Outlook. This detailed document covers not only the market outlook for the quarter, but also highlights specific portfolio attributes and market-related research.

Fisher Investments videos cover topics ranging from markets commentary to our corporate environment and culture.


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