Fisher Investments Research

Fisher Investments has a large research department staffed professionals, many of whom support the Investment Policy Committee in formulating our market outlook and portfolio allocations. The research behind Fisher Investments’ market forecast, or stock market outlook, incorporates a top-down approach to capital markets analysis. Our research helps us build customizable portfolios for each individual investor’s situation and goals.

At Fisher Investments, we believe our research should consider that markets are efficient discounters of widely-known information. Fisher Investments seeks to uncover market information not widely known and interpret widely-known information differently (and correctly) from other market participants. Additionally, Fisher Investments has long been cognizant of our increasingly global economy, and we therefore adopt a global view in our market research. We believe our market outlook and subsequent portfolio allocations should always reflect this global research.

At times, our research and subsequent market outlook may dictate we adopt a defensive strategy in client portfolios. Fisher Investments remains flexible in what types of defensive strategies we may employ and believes such flexibility separates us from our competitors.