Education at Fisher Investments

We are grounded in the fundamental belief that education is a core part of our business—empowering the investor to better understand what's happening with the market, the economy, and their impact on an individual's investment portfolio. In line with our commitment to education, Fisher Investments hosts educational seminars in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Ken Fisher and other senior executives share the company's perspectives on the market, answer questions, and get to know our current clientele on a more personal level.

  • Fisher Investments research reports

    Each quarter, the Investment Policy Committee publishes an independent investment research report, the Stock Market Outlook. This timely investment research report includes detailed analysis of the current investing climate and the underlying market, economic, and political factors driving it. Our investment research report also studies market sentiment, historical trends, and other issues that we believe may likely influence the market's direction in both the short and long term.
  • Fisher Investments MarketMinder

    Originally released to the public in July 2007, and re-launched in June 2013, MarketMinder is a web magazine, or “webzine,” designed to help discerning investors critically assess current economic and financial events and their potential impact on capital markets. The site is supported by the Research Department of Fisher Investments.

    The Fisher Investments MarketMinder App is now available on iTunes.
  • Fisher Investments Press

    Fisher Investments Press is a partnership between publisher John Wiley and Sons, Inc. and money manager Fisher Investments, offering financial education for a wide audience. The publishing brand draws on the expertise of Fisher Investments and best-selling author Ken Fisher and leverages Wiley’s broad and proven distribution networks.
  • Fisher Investments client seminars

    Fisher Investments schedules numerous client-only events in cities across the country each year. Ken Fisher, along with other members of the Investment Policy Committee and senior staff members, provides Fisher Investments clients with insight on current market conditions, continuing education, and Fisher Investments' portfolio positioning.